It’s a Challenge: Rahul, face trial and tell us why you blame RSS

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rebuked the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi over his untrue and fallacious barbs against the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) implicating it in the murder of Mahatma Gandhi. But a bandwagon of Indian journos, who are ‘more political than politicians,’ found a new opportunity in this to hammer the RSS.

To those who are seeing a last hope in Rahul Gandhi (whose party is having the last laugh…) to portray his as a ‘gladiator’ against the ‘mighty’ Modi this came as a handy chance.

For some, whose journalism does not allow writing the fact- “SC rebukes Rahul” and said to apologize or face trial for dragging RSS into Mahatma’s murder, are bolstering Rahul’s fallacy.

For many media houses, it’s a non-story as the Congress scion has been slammed by the SC, while some are twisting the tale.

Sonia Rahul

The Congress party also jumped to pump up its scion trapped in judicial claw. The Congress Party initiated twitter trend #RSSKilledGandhi with some age-old absurd rhetoric which was used to defame, diminish and damn the world’s most revered social movement – the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its path-breaking following.

The Gandhi assassination by a “Hindu Brahmin” from Pune, one time entrant of the RSS and an active member of the Hindu Mahasabha, who hailed “Hindu Beliefs and Culture” with the strong Nationalist concept, inspired by nationalist thoughts, was the readymade batter mix to drag the unholy conclusion – “RSS killed Gandhi”.

This conclusion based on the hypothesis having the best ever potentiality  to terminate the RSS which was becoming a thorn in the neck of the Congress party and its new boss- Jawaharlal Nehru. To remain in power and to maintain peoples’ trust and loyalty, the Congress Party has been harping on some conserved issues.

Congress party’s best kept lies

From the first day of independence,  the Congress has maintained three best-kept rhetorics. Firstly, it inherits Mahatma Gandhi, his thoughts and his political legacy; secondly, that the Congress Party time and again, maintained its image as a political organization of 125 years and the party that has solely responsible for the freedom from the British rulers in 1947; and, thirdly,  the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (which was hated by Nehru most) killed the “Father of the Nation”.

It was wrong to credit the Congress and the Mahatma for independence of India. There were many revolutionaries, brave and young, who sacrificed their lives at the altar of the freedom struggle. The Azad Hind Fouz of Netaji Subhash Bose, the rebellion by Indian Navy and most importantly the inability of England to rule over its vast empire as it was weakend by the World War II culminated into Indian independence. But the Congress forced upon the country using the governmental machinery that it is the only political party that should be credited for Indian independence. The truth is, Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dissolve the Congress saying that it was only a unification of the Indians to fight against the British rule. And with its mission fulfilled, this congregation of Indians with diverse political hues should be disbanded.

Had Mahatma Gandhi been alive today, he would have joined hands with Baba Ramdev and toured India in protest against rampant corruption and mismanagement of the affairs of the country,” says Venkat Ram Kalyanam, the one and only living witness to the assassination of the Father of the Nation on  January 30, 1948, (02 October 2013)

Gandhi was heart-broken within months of the freedom because of the  complaints pouring in from all over the country about wide-spread corruption in the Congress-ruled States as well as at the Centre. Kalyanam quotes from his notes dictated to him by the Mahatma himself. Bapu wanted a new entity called “Lok Sevak Sangh” which the Mahatma conceived as a one of its kind organisation in the world. Quoting from notes dictated to him by Gandhi

Kalyanam quotes from his notes dictated to him by the Mahatma himself. Quoting from notes dictated to him by Gandhi Kalyaman says, “Bapu wanted a new entity called “Lok Sevak Sangh” which the Mahatma conceived as a one of its kind organisation in the world.”

It is still a surprise how Gandhi was assassinated while he was pushing a transformation of Congress into a non-political entity fighting against all odd posed by Nehru.

History doesn’t answer why Nehru, in particular, was against this idea of his Guru and why he was assassinated when he was, in fact, writing the code of conduct for the new political entity.

The another lie that is now exposed to all and the Congress has getting punished for the fact that, it never was a political inheritance of Mahatma Gandhi but the politically shrewd Nehru and his equally clever descendants baptised as “Gandhi” and ‘cash’ on its charisma tried to influence the average Indian psyche.

After Gandhi’s assassination, the concept of transforming Indian National Congress, into a non-profit social outfit was ceased, with the assassination of Mahatma, the Nehru clan got freedom to pose as ‘Gandhi’ to use all kind of ‘sainthood’ ascribed to that name and in that veiled identity the Congress party nurtured a most corrupt political system in the Nation.

After all, who gained? It’s only the Nehru-Gandhi family

Is RSS really a killer of Mahatma?

Now its turn to understand Nehru’s another best-orchastrated lie that the Congress of Sonia is blabbering till date. And that is the assassination of the Mahatma, the Father of Nation, the great Bapu, was executed by the RSS through Naturam Godse.

Mahatma Gandhi visited RSS camp at Wardha in 1934 and being a true secular by heart, he was amazed to see equality, discipline amongst the swayamsevaks and the programmes conducted in the shibir.

In 1934, when Gandhiji visited a 1500-strong Swayamsevaks camp at Wardha, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the Swayamsevaks were not even aware of the castes of one another, not to speak of any ideas of untouchability. The visit had left such a deep impression on Gandhiji’s mind that he referred to it full thirteen years later. In his address to the workers of Sangh in Bhangi Colony at Delhi on 16th September 1947, he said, “I visited the RSS camp years ago when the founder Shri Hedgewar was alive. I was very much impressed by your discipline, the complete absence of untouchability and the rigorous simplicity. Since then the Sangh has grown. I am convinced that any organization which is inspired by the high ideal of service and self-sacrifice is bound to grow in strength.” (The Hindu: 17th September 1947)

Every day, on the Shakha swayamsevaks, recite “Ekatmata Stotram”

दादाभाई गोपबंधुः टिळको गांधी रादृताः
रमणो मालवीयश्च श्री सुब्रमण्य भारती ॥२९॥

This is the line of Ekatmata Stotram, in which Mahatma Gandhi gets remembered by a common RSS swayamsevak.

RSS founder Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar was in fact, a prominent Congress leader of Vidarbha region. In spite of his fears and apprehensions about the path which the Congress had taken under the leadership of Gandhiji, Dr Hedgewar, as a disciplined soldier in the nationalist movement, did participate in the non-cooperation movement launched by Gandhiji. Dr Hedgewar was sentenced to one year’s rigorous imprisonment. In the year 1930, Dr Hedgewar received a call from Lokanayak Bapuji Ane to participate in the Jangal Satyagraha launched by him in protest against the forest laws of Central Province. When Bapuji Ane led the agitation in Pusad, Dr Hedgewar led the Satyagraha at Yavatmal.

But a keen and determined patriot Hedgewar realised that the absence of a political and national awakening among the common masses was needed. He also came to understand that mere acts of bravery and self-sacrifice on the part of a few daring and patriotic individuals will not bring independence to the country. With this clear realisation, Dr Hedgewar diverted his attention to the national movement launched by the Indian National Congress and launched the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

When in 1947, India got freedom from the British Rule; a sense of national awakening was prominent among the masses. The RSS was gaining full support and ground because of its patriotic and cultural teachings. A Swayamsevak of the RSS was being identified as a social activist with the nationalist ethos and an individual with a noble character. The fame, charisma and teachings of the second Sarsanghchalak ‘Shri Guruji’ was equally received by the Indians as that of the Congress bigwigs.

Nehru, the only person with a narrow mind

The only person with a narrow mind and the insecure feeling was Prime Minister Nehru. Congressmen spread lies that Jawaharlal Nehru was a popular leader and great politician but the fact is otherwise.

Nehru womaniser.gif
So-called ChaCha!


It was Nehru who forced Gandhi to agree to the partition of the nation so that he could become PM. But he wasn’t a democratically elected PM of India. In 1946 a meeting of Congress Working Committee was held in Delhi to elect the president of Indian National Congress who could be the first PM of India and it was Sardar Patel who won the poll getting 13 votes in his favor 2 votes in favor of Jivatram Kriplani and just 1 vote in favor of Nehru.

But the power-hungry Nehru threatened Gandhii, his Guru, that if he were not made the PM then he would split the Congress. And in that condition, British will never leave India. Gandhi asked Sardar Patel to step down for Nehru and withdraw his nomination, and Patel did so because of his respect towards Gandhi. So this is totally undemocratic and shameful way and because of nepotism Nehru became the first PM of independent India.

How RSS was dragged into Gandhi assassination…

A similar thing happened with the RSS which neither posed as a political rival to Nehru or the Congress party, but the public support for the RSS was on a constant rise due to its active role of saving Hindu families from Pakistan and bringing them safe in India. Shri Guruji was seen as a living legend and a national hero. It was obvious that person like Nehru must get offended by this.

Nehru got a perfect combination to obliterate the RSS when Nathuram, a Brahmin from Pune, a staunch patriotic person shot Bapu, the Father of the Nation. This background was enough for the Congress and big boss Nehru to spread an incorrect information: “RSS killed Gandhi

This politically criminal pervasion was enough for Congress goons to attack Hindu brahmin families and burn their houses. It was enough for them to manhandle the innocent women and kids.

It was enough for the British and their buddy Nehru to not only ban the RSS but destroy its glorious public image by making it a group of ‘murderers’. The spread venom caused severe to the lakhs of patriotic and cultured families for whom the RSS was an inspiration of life.

The Indians must ask the Congress leaders and its scion Rahul Gandhi who has been again and again being slammed by the Courts to spread his great-grand father’s rhetoric about the sickest allegation on the RSS.

If the RSS had a hand in the Gandhi assassination plot, there must have a reference, slightest though, about its role. But if one takes pain to read the full verdict on Mahatma Gandhi Murder Trial, surprisingly, the term “RSS” or “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh” or “Sangh” nowhere detected in this important legal document.

Read: The Mahatma Gandhi Murder Trial

If Congress and Rahul Gandhi are so much assured about RSS killed Gandhi, then how the three-judge-bench missed this crucial link?

Justice G. D. Khosla, former Chief Justice of Punjab, who heard the appeal of Nathuram Godse & others and gave his most historic verdict in the case of the assassination, has written a wonderful book on his personal memoirs on the Mahatma Gandhi Murder Trial. The book is “The Murder of the Mahatma”.

In this book, Justice Khosla recounts every single minute mentionable detail aligned to the Gandhi assassination. But he never mentions the name of RSS as a conspirator of Mahatma Gandhi’s murder.

Besides the ban on RSS in 1948 and 1975, by Pt Nehru and later his daughter Indira, the issue of Gandhi’s murder was the main plank of anti-RSS stance. But various commissions, judicial inquiries appointed by the Congress government itself have absolved the RSS of the charge. Still, it has become the habit of the Congmen to blame the RSS for the crime it did not commit.

Sitaram Kesri, the former President of the Congress party during Narasimha Rao’s tenure, was a classic example of this attitude. He as usual accused the RSS of murdering the Mahatma. But when a case was filed against him and when it was certain that he would face trial, he simple offered unconditional apology to the RSS and saved him.

But this arrogant Rahul and his advisors in the Congress seem to be lacking the wisdom of Sitaram Kesri otherwise he would have agreed to Supreme Court’s advice and tendered unconditional apology to the RSS. He would only be pleasing the Mahatma by this act. But he won’t, for sure.   


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