From Dhulagarh to #TehattaTerror : West Bengal easily slipping into Jihadi instigation with Mamata patronage

West Bengal over possessed by the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators is turning into a mini Pakistan. The Mamata Banerjee government and her Party TMC is in power with the help of Jihadi elements in the state. This is more than a vote bank politics and Muslim appeasement which definitely not used for the betterment of the innocent Muslim community but the Mamata government seems involved in unholy and anti-national nexus with the extremist radical Muslim elements who don’t recognise nation’s borders.

Both Dhulagarh and current Tehetta school cases have quite evident that CM Mamata Banerjee firmly stands behind the tempestuous Muslim elements in the state and the Hindus in WB have no patron, politically or in administration. This scenario creates a situation that the West Bengal, like one time East Bengal is easily slipping in the hands of Jihadists who are overpowering local Hindus. This could result in a demand by Muslim elements for an another separate nation. Hope this is not the ultimate aim of Mamata Didi.

The Tehetta school story

In West Bengal, a Government -aided school named Tehatta Public school in Howrah has been closed indefinitely as Islamic fundamentalist goons provoked Muslim kids to celebrate “Milad un Nabi” (the birthday of Muslim Prophet Muhammad) and stop traditional Saraswati Puja. The school authorities first denied, and then consented for “Nabi Diwas” celebrations. Radicals pressurised the School principal, hoisted the Islamic flag on school. Assured with CM Mamata Banerjee’s Muslim appeasement policy, their aim is to stop traditional Saraswati Puja and pressurise the administration and the Government to curb Hindu sentiments.

Entire electronic media which was zealous and oversensitive about the slap on Sanjay Leela Bhansali for his History distortion while making film on Rani Padmini- incidentally Bhansali wanted to shoot intimate love sequence between the Hindu Rajput Rani and attacker Muslim invader Allauddin Khilji- is equally unenthused about the suppression of Hindu students who were beaten heavily with full cruelty by the state Police, when the Hindu students of the Tehatta School and from other schools and the Hindu locals blocked the NH-6 near the school for hours on February 1, the Saraswati Puja Day.

The WB police lathi charged, used tear gas ann rubber bullets to vandalise the Tehatta school students agitation demanding Saraswati puja.

It is well known that the Jihadi elements are under the protection of none other than ruling party All India Trinamool Congress and its Chief Mamata Banerjee.

The Saraswati puja on Basant Panchami started in Tehatta High School in 1952 and was ongoing uninterrupted since then. And now, the Jihadi elements are forcing local Muslims to pressurise authorities to act against Hindu beliefs and impose Islamic rituals.


On 16th December, Utpal Mallik, the Teacher-in-charge of Tehatta High School in Howrah district of West Bengal wrote a letter to the Uluberia police station with an endorsement to concerned authorities apprising them of a tense situation building up there. The letter revealed that some students of the 9th and 10th standard of the school aided by outsiders, who were influenced by some local Islamic fundamentalists, had entered the school campus and forcibly celebrated Nabi Diwas (Birthday of Prophet Mohammed) on 13th December without taking permission from the school authorities.

According to reports, those who entered the school premises forcibly roughed up students and teachers, and also hoisted green Islamic flags atop the building. This forcible outside intervention in the functioning of the school led to school staff feeling insecure and communal tensions in the locality, thereby resulting in the school needing to be kept shut. This hampered the form fill-up of 10th standard students, who have to appear for board exams.

This report by Eenadu dated 20th December sheds more light on the incident. The report suggests that after staying closed for 7 days, the school was allowed to reopen only after the assurance that Nabi Diwas would be celebrated. A meeting took place between the administration, school authorities and representatives of Islamic groups. They agreed to a 15-min celebration of the religious event and removal of religious flags hoisted on the school building.

The latest incident pertains to the Tehatta High School in Uluberia in Howrah district. A letter dated January 27 from Headmaster Utpal Mallik — who has since resigned from the post — reportedly said some “students and Islamic Fundamentalists” vandalised the school’s property and were preparing to celebrate Milad-un-Nabi the next day without seeking permission from the concerned authorities and hoisted an Islamic flag in the school.

After he sent the letter, the District Inspector, Secondary Education, Howrah on behalf of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education ordered (vide no 38 D dt 29.01.2017) an indefinite closure of the institute due to tension in the area. Mallik, meanwhile, quit as the headmaster citing the mental pressure he was being subjected to. “The normal relationship between a student and a teacher does not exist here,” he told Bengali newspaper. (With inputs From Hindu existence)

The Tehatta area is not far away from Dhulagarh which recently faced a gruesome attack on Hindu areas. It is believed that TMC MP of Uluberia Sultan Ahmed and the Haider Aziz Safwi, MLA of Uluberia Purba are behind the attacks on Hindus and Jihadi instigation.

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