Dear Bapu.. reincarnate with your own concept of ‘Lok Sevak Sangh’ !

There might be a difference of opinion in calling Mahatma Gandhi the ‘Father of Nation’ but Gandhiji’s pitch for the eternal value system in Indian civilization, the spirit of non-violence, stress on purifying personal character, his firmness on cleanliness, his determination for simplicity and nature-friendly lifestyle effortlessly connects Gandhi with the common man in any […]

Congratulating PM Modi on SurgicalStrikeonBlackMoney

Congratulating PM Modi on #SurgicalStrikeonBlackMoney   Common Indians stunned, a little bit shocked – cautious – and then after understanding the whole issue of the #CurrencyNotes , rejoiced knowing that what it aimed at. They knew that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrow has aimed at many targets. Politicians and people’s representative from all political parties, […]

A reply to Dr. Zakir Naik — MARIA WIRTH

Hindus generally don’t criticise other religions in spite of the fact that Christianity and Islam not only criticise, but demean Hinduism badly. Zakir Naik is only one example. Do Hindus know what is preached in the innumerable churches and mosques across India? I know for sure that Hindu gods are called devils by Christian missionaries. […] […]